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We Are Ellie Mental Health Davis County

We are thrilled you’re here. Please take a moment to explore our site, where you’ll learn more about us and why Ellie. To learn more or connect on an opportunity, don’t hesitate to reach out.



Creativity, Authenticity, Humor, Compassion, Acceptance, Determination…

Ellie’s founding principles have created a culture that fosters a relaxed, encouraging environment where practitioners and clients feel free to be themselves.  

Through this culture, we are confident we will serve our community, especially disenfranchised populations which include the LGBTQ+ community, those who are transitioning faiths, as well as those who practice non-traditional relationship frameworks.  Additionally, we want to provide a safe, judgement-free zone for our military and first responders, who may shy away from mental health services because of the negative stigma associated with seeking help. Our goal is to create an outpatient mental health clinic that operates under a social justice and trauma informed lens.

Ellie’s model affords practitioners a robust work-life balance, which means they can better focus on their craft and provide the very best to their clients.  

Our goal is to cultivate and provide a safe place for people to get the help they need, when they need it, from the best providers.  Ellie helps make this a reality.



My Ellie Why

I am opening this clinic to help fill the gap in mental health services (over 26% of Utahn’s experiencing anxiety and depression can’t get the help they need) and to end the stigma associated with mental health. I am a person who suffers from anxiety and depression; a person who experienced trauma and is coming out the other side lighter, happier, and more present thanks to my therapists.


Ellie Mental Health provides a means by which I can help create a community that is thriving; a community that understands how important mental health is; a community that can teach their children that seeking help is ok.


Ellie Mental Health in Bountiful aims to provide social justice and trauma informed mental health services to the communities in and around Davis County, Utah.


My Ellie Why

As a retired Air Force veteran of 21 years, I've experienced my share of personal and professional challenges, to include traumatic events.  It was easy to find a friend to share in the highs and lows of a military career but going to a professional mental health provider for deeper conversations was not the "norm".  There was an unspoken knowledge that going to "mental health" could be a career killer, if not at the very least, a speed bump, that nobody wanted to deal with.  Whether this was true or not, it was perceived.  As the years passed and I gained in rank and experience, I learned that a transition was occurring.  Mental health was becoming more important in the eyes of the Service, in fact, it was being encouraged.  I want to be a part of the movement that further supports the message that seeking help is okay, and the right thing to do.  I want to eliminate the stigma that, in years past, came with asking for help.



Office Pic-Dina.jpg

Dina Hargrave, CMHC, EDS

Clinic Director

Dina has worked with children with significant behavioral concerns and their families for over 12 years. She specializes in working with parents to decrease problem behaviors and increase more prosocial behaviors. Other specialties include early onset Bipolar Disorder, faith crises, adults on the Autism Spectrum and co-occurring disorders.


We are seeking passionate, innovative mental health providers. Through Ellie, we are able to build a practice that honors our clinicians by providing work life balance and corporate support. We have access to innovative tools, education, and opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be available. If you're interested in learning more about the position, click here. If you'd like to talk to us, fill out the form below and we will be happy to schedule a call. We look forward to working with you to build Ellie mental health in bountiful Utah.


What we are looking for...


The perfect candidate will share our passion for improving and expanding access to quality mental health care and will thrive in a culture that emphasizes: autonomy, flexibility, creativity, authenticity, humor, compassion, acceptance and determination. Opportunities for individual, family, and group therapy services as well as Telehealth. Interns are welcome to apply!

BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ encouraged to apply, as well as interns!

(Intern compensation ranges from $44,000 to $62,000+ depending on number of sessions conducted.)


  • Evaluate mental health diagnosis, create and implement a treatment plan, complete ongoing documentation including further diagnosis, treatment plan reviews, and case notes according to company policy

  • For Full-Time status clinicians must maintain a caseload of a minimum of 25 client visits per week

  • Provide excellent customer service for clients and collaborate with a dynamic team to further the mission of filling gaps in our community

  • Utilize creativity in interventions to help clients achieve and exceed goals

  • Prepare and submit individual documentation for each session per company guidelines and protocol

  • Coordinate services with case managers, families, work personnel, medical personnel, other Ellie staff, and school staff as needed

  • Attend and participate in all clinical staff meetings and trainings

  • Other stuff we probably forgot to add but just as meaningful and important to your role


  • Candidates are required to have a master’s degree in a behavioral science or related field from an accredited college or university and on track to obtain licensure in their designated field

  • Candidates should have or be pursuing clinical licensure (LMFT, LPCC, LICSW, LP, CMHC, ACMHC, MSW, etc.)

  • Required experience with completing DAs, treatment plans and clinical case notes

  • Required experience with children, adolescents and teens

  • Effective written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to demonstrate and model stable, appropriate boundaries with clients

  • Ability to complete and submit documentation of services and other documents in a timely manner

  • Comfort and familiarity working with a diverse client base

  • Proficient in the use of typical office technology (computers, e-mail, etc.) and Electronic Health Record systems (Valant experience a plus!)

  • Ability to pass a background check.


  • Preferred that candidates be a fully licensed mental health professional (LICSW, LMFT, LPCC, LP, CMHC, ACMHC, MSW, etc) with a valid state of Utah License.

  • Preferred experience with couples and families, LBGTQ+, BIPOC, faith transitioning and people who practice alternative relationship frameworks (i.e. polyamory, etc.)

  • Certified in DBT, couples and/or substance abuse is a bonus

  • Ideal candidates will have a general knowledge of therapy services, community resources, insurance billing, and previous experience with mental health documentation


  • Ellie Mental Health offers competitive salary plus revenue-share based on client sessions

  • Nice Healthcare

  • Flexible scheduling

  • CEU reimbursement

  • License renewal fee reimbursement

  • Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) and Sick Time

  • Paid holidays and birthday off


  • This position is located in Bountiful, UT

  • Our expected opening date is on or before October 1, 2022

  • This position will be under the general direction of the Clinical Director.

  • Learn more about our amazing company at


Ellie Mental Health is a successful mental health corporation headquartered in Minnesota. Ellie has recently begun to franchise their model to local owners across the nation. The Ellie model focuses on flexibility, innovative decision-making, creativity, and putting our people first, while remaining a socially conscious and responsible for-profit business focused on changing how we treat mental health.

Ellie provides a unique client–therapist matching system to ensure clients get a therapist who is a good fit. Our model also ensures that every person who calls gets a call back within 24 hours. And we go the extra mile to make sure our clinic spaces are warm and inviting.

At Ellie, we also believe in taking care of our people. From investing in their financial future, to providing wages that shatter the ceiling in our industry to reasonable caseload expectations, we want our people to be happy because happy employees do better work and provide better client care!


Thanks for submitting!

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